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PORTHMADOG........0 BANGOR........1

	In recent years Porthmadog have had the upper hand in this local derby,
with home victories over their bigger rivals in the past three years.
Todday it was obvious that big spending Bangor were out to avange their
previous reverses.
	Bangor started much the brightest, and after dominating most of the early
possetion, only a briliant takle by Nigel Barry stoping Darren Pritchard
putting them in the lead after a through pass by Port "reject" (sorry I
mean former player) Mark Lloyd Williams. Just a munute later there was an
all-mighty scramble in the Porthmadog box, but Bangor were prevented from
scoring when the referee gave Port a free-kick.
	After this early pressure from Bangor, Port came more into the game. On 12
minutes a Mike Davies header landed on top of the net, after a cross from
Tony Draper. Dave Williams, in the Bangor goal, had to be called into
action to save from another powerfull Mike Davies header. This time the
supply was provided courtesy of a Mike Foster corner. Mike Davies, who was
giving the Bagore defence a hard time saw yet another header go close. From
Mike Foster's free kick he headed just over the bar.
	Porthmadog's best spell of the match was then followed by yet more Bangor
pressure. On 23 minutes they thought that they had a pennalty when Craig
Dulson was pulled don in the area. The ref blew for a spot cick, but the
linesman had been flagging for off-side for at least ten seconds. More
Bangor pressure couldn't lead to any more clear chances during the first
half, and it was Porthmadog who could have taken the lead just 5 minutes
before the half time break. Steven Pugh had a long run down the left. He
totally fooled Mark Rutter in the Bangor defence, but his finishing let him
down, with his shot creeping past the post.
	The second half was mostly dominated by Bangor. They should have taken the
lead as early as the 5th minute whn John Aspinall tripped Darren Pritchard
in the box. For the second time the ref gave a penalty, and this time the
linesman had no complaint. Mark Lloyd Williams though was determined to do
his old club a favour, and his shot went wildly wide.
	Ken MacKenna, who was in the thick of things throught the second half, had
his header well saved by Kenny Dixon after quarter of an hour. Darren
Pritchard was the provider, and from MacKenna's header Dixon dived to his
left to make the save. MacKenna, probably ruing his bad form in front of
goal lashed out a few minutes later - kicking the Port defender Andy Taylor
in the nose!!! Even after this amazing pice of acrobatics, MacKenna was
only given a tlaking too by the ref, making you wander what happened to the
LoW's hard-line attitude.
	In a second half without many chances, the only one that went Porthmadog's
way came after 29 minutes. Steven Pugh was seemingly pulled down in the
box, but the referee wanted nothing to do with it. Pugh's reputation as a
bit of a diver seems to be costing him quite a few genuine penalties these
days - showing that "crying woolf" doesn't pay.
	MacKenna made the most of his earlier reprive after 34 minutes. After a
goalmouth scramble, in which Jason Joyce cleared off the line twice,
MacKenna shut the ball into the net. This proved to be the telling blow,
with not much in the form of goal mouth action being seen for the rest of
the match. Bangor closed up ranks, and didn't let Porthmadog a sniff at goal.
	This was a slightly dissapointing result for Port after their recent run
of good form, and because of their recent good record against Bangor. The
high point of the game for Port was the way Jason Jayce played. He marked
Mark lloyd Williams through the match, which meant that the much talked
about striker hardly got the ball all match.

				Emyr ac Iwan.


	Due to technical problems (i.e. computer being struck by lightning) this
week's match report will have to be a short one.
	The game stasrted with TNS looking the strongest. They had numerous
chances, and after 23 minutes the brakethrough came. Currier was set free
in the center, and comfortably rounded Kenny Dixon, who had come off his
line, to carmly slot the ball into the net.
	This seemed to spur Port into action for the first time in the match, and
after some pressure they got the equaliser. Mike Foster had a good run down
the left flank, and his cross found the head of Mike Davies for him to head
the ball past the dispearing Mulliner into the net.
	The rest of the half was mostly dominated by Porthmadog, and the only
black mark for them was a yellow card for Oliver Hall after 28 minutes.
Most at the ground couldn't work out what the hard working Hall had done to
deserve this. But on 45 minutes the Port faithfull were given a huge boost
when Mike Davies scored again. The supplier was the same - Mike Foster's
corner from the left again finding Davies' head, but this time he did well
to score as he was under a lot of pressure from the TNS defence.
	This wasn't the end of the excitment for the first half. TNS had their
chance to get back into the game when, on 47 minutes, the hot headed Andy
Taylor pushed Danny Barton in the box. Paul Mullen took the resultant
penalty, but Kenny Dixon in the Port goal, guessed correctly and made a
great save down to his right.
	So, on the half Port were ahead, and must have been greatfull to Kenny
Dixon for their lead. They started the second half brightly, and on 71
minutes they extended their lead. Again it was Mike Davies who scored, and
again it was Mike Foster who was the provider. This was a replica of the
second goal, but this time the cross came in from the right. Mike Davies
again out jumping the TNS defence, and underlining the massive progress he
has made since the begining of the season.
	From this point on the game was virtualy over as a contest. TNS tried
their best to create chances, but the Port defence remained stuborn, and
hardly let TNS even half a chance. Their best opportunity came on 89
minutes, when it was already too late. Danny Barton rushed through and
sloted the ball past Dixon, but his goal was ruled offside.
	This was an inmportant 3 points for Port, and lifts them above Caersws in
the relegation battle. With a win over Welshpool in the game in hand they
could even get above the fast improving Conwy Utd.

				Emyr ac Iwan.

CEMAES YNYS MON..........1 PORTHMADOG..........2

	After taking our time over lunch in the Little Chef in Gaerwen, we arived
late for this relegation battle. Can't say I'm sorry that I missed the
first two minutes either...
	The young Cemaes team - playing with the strong wind, and the incredibly
sloping pitch - had the best start they could have hoped for. From the
first corner of the match the ball was crossed over from the right. Port's
defence got a head to the ball, but with the wind blowing straight towards
Kenny Dixon's goal, the ball was blown back into the danger area for Simon
Flower to easily score against his old team.
	This was not the start Port would have hoped for against the youngsters of
Cemaes, and it looked as if it could get worse; Cemaes looking the best
team in the first ten minutes. But as thing went on it was obvious that
Port were turning the tide. On 13 minutes they got the break-through. Hard
working Tony Draper got his cross in from the right, and Cemaes "old" boy
Olly Hall was in the right place to slam a half volley into the back of the
net. Olly has now scored a goal in as many full appearances this season,
and deserves a longer run in the team.
	Even though Port were now in control, Cemaes Bay weren't finished by any
means. After a 32nd minute foul by Jason Joyce, Lee Starkie had his wind
asisted free kick tipped over the bar by Kenny Dixon (although the ref saw
fit to give a goal kick). From then on it was mostly Port for the rest of
the half. After 35 minutes Paul Whelan was sent clear after a good pass
from midfield, but the veteran striker couldn't controll the ball, and fell
over his own feet when he was well placed to score. 3 minutes later Mike
Foster was clear on the left. His cross found the head of Mike Davies, but
it was well saved by Martin Jones in goal. After this good work the keeper
spoilt it all when his throw found Mike Davies, who headed the ball for
Richard Hughes to neatly lob the ball over the dispearing Jones, and into
the back of the net.
	Port could have got their 3rd 5 minutes afterwards. Paul Whelan again was
free in front of goal, but this time he decided to pass to Olly Hall whose
shot was well saved. Cemaes did have one shot to round the half off - M.
Turner's efort from the half way line (nearly) went over the Port bar.
	Port started the second half in much better form, and should have scored
on numerous ocasions in the first quarter of an hour. Mike Davies going
close with a header from Nigel Barry's corner in the first minute. There
then followed a string of chances - Whelan having his header saved by
substitute Gethyn Robyns, Nigel Barry's free kick hitting the bar, Olly
Hall's scrambled shot going just wide... And there were more chances that
Port couldn't convert. Cemaes could have taken advantage of Port's lack of
finishing - Dewi Parry's free kick bringing out the best in Kenny Dixon.
	The least that is said about the rest of the game the better. Scrappy
doesn't get near it. Chris Banks should have scored later from a cross, but
in stead of using his head he decided that a hand would be better, and
received a yellow card for his troubles. Jason Joyce decided that as the
strikers couldn't put the ball in the net, he might as well try himself,
but his run - the length of the pitch - was cut short by a foul.
	In the final minutes Cemaes created numerous half chances, but nothing
that really troubled Dixon in goal. Port's defence was shown to be not as
fit as they would like to belive as the youngsters threatened to cut them
appart more than once. But it allways seemed likley that Port would hold on
for a win - Mike Davies could even have increased the lead at the death,
but his back header hit the bar.
	This was a game Port should, and could, have won much more convincingly,
but it is a valuable 3 points which should help them to avoid the drop.
Cemaes Ynys Mon didn't look strong enough, and although the youngsters gave
their all, they look certainties for the Cymru Aliance next season.


CAERNARFON..........2 PORTHMADOG..........2

††† Caernarfon against Porthmadog is always a bit of an occasion, but this
year, with both teams fighting for their LoW future it was going to a heated
††† Porthmadog started the game off the brightest, and Steven Pugh could
have scored a hat-trick within the first five minutes. His first chance came
in the very first minute for Porthmadog, but he was closed down by
Caernarfon goalie, Stuart Heeps. One minute later, he came close again, but
his shot went inches past the Caernarfon post. Nigel Barry then created the
move that led to Steven Pugh's best chance on goal. His cross was met by
Steven Pugh's half volley that was saved by Heeps. During the first ten
minutes Porthmadog's pressure also resulted in three corners.
††† Caernarfon came more into the match following this commanding start by
Porthmadog. Caernarfon's first real chance on goal fell to Mark Simpson,
who's header was saved by Kenny Dixon after 8 minutes. On 16 minutes he had
another chance, but this time his header went well off the mark.
††† There was bad news for Porthmadog on the half hour when seemingly
innocuous challenge resulted in defender Neil Roberts being strechered† off,
and taken by ambulance to hospital. Neil Roberts was playing his first match
at the Oval since joining Porthmadog from Caernarfon at the start of a
season. Geraint Williams was brought on in his place, and on 38 minutes his
shot went just over the bar.
††† One minute later, there was another chance for Steven Pugh. Mike Davies
headed down inside the box, and Steven Pugh's shot went just past the bar.
There followed, three minutes later, a penalty appeal by Caernorfon, but the
referee didn't want to know.
††† Pugh was again close for Porthmadog one minute from half-time. His shot,
that came after his penetrating run through the Caernarfon defence went
inches off the mark. In the final minute of the half, Banks's attempted
long-range shot went well over the bar. So Porthmadog must have felt that
they were unlucky not to be in the lead at half-time after taking control of
most of the first half.
††† If it was Porthmadog who were in control during the first half, it was
Caernarfon who started best in the second half. In the first minute an open
goal was missed by Martin Haynes after suspect defending by Porthmadog. But
Caernarfon did right for that missed opportunity one minute later, when Mark
Simpson rose above the Porthmadog defence to head home after a cross from
the left.
††† On five minutes, Geraint Jones came close to equalising for Porthmadog,
but his powerful long range shot from the left was saved by Stuart Heeps.
But, it was Caernarfon who commanded throughout most of the second half, and
one minute later Martin Hynes shot went wide after his run penetrated the
Porthmadog defence. Steve Fisher's shot went just past the Porthmadog goal
only two minutes later.
††† On 12 minutes, there were fisticuffs on the floor, when Paul Rowlands
(?) punched Tony Draper in the head after being held by Draper himself. Both
players were rightly booked. Three minutes later there was another near-miss
for Caernarfon when Geraint Jones's cross-come-shot was pushed away by the
finger-tips of Stuart Heeps.
††† 25 minutes into the second half, Caernarfon were further ahead when
Martin Hynes was given acres of space on the side of the Porthmadog box. He
scored with a very powerful long range shot from the left side. At this
point it seemed that Caernarfon had the three points in the bag. Substitute
Geraint Jones was taken off shortly afterwards and he didn't seem to be very
††† The Porthmadog fight-back started ten minutes from time. Mike Foster's
corner was met by Mike Davies who nodded the ball home from close range.
But, three minutes later, it seemed that Caernarfon would restore their two
goal lead when Martin Hynes found acres of space in front of goal, but this
time his shot went across the face of the goal.
††† Porthmadog should have been awarded a blatant penalty when Steven Pugh
was pulled down at the side of the box. But, the referee - B. Lawlor of
Holyhead, in his wisdom decided that this was not the case. He believed that
Steven Pugh had dived and had the cheek of giving him a yellow card, which
might mean that Pugh will face a ban for collecting too many points.
However, the final word fell to Porthmadog's Andy Taylor, who scored with a
brilliant shot from the left. His chip into the top corner left Stuart Heeps
with no chance, and sent the hundred plus Porthmadog supporters into wild
††† While the Cofis will be disappointed to have surrendered a two goal
lead, two all was no less than Porthmadog deserved after their dominance of
the first half. Caernarfon's improvement in the second half can partly be
put down to the very vocal support which had amassed behind Kenny Dixon's
goal. It took until the final twenty minutes for Porthmadog to cope with
this, and it goes to show how much difference the crowd can make.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Iwan ac Emyr

K. Dixon, T. Draper, M. Foster, J. Aspinall (R. Hughes), N. Roberts (G.
Jones (O. Hall)), A. Taylor, J. Joyce, C. Banks, N. Barry, S. Pugh, M.

PORTHMADOG..........2 HAVERFORDWEST..........3

	Porthmadog's home performances have been much more encouraging over the
past few weeks. This created confidence amongst the home supporters as
Haverfordwest's away performances have been poor to say the least. But as
soon as the match kicked off it was evident that this match was going to be
no push-over for Porthmadog.
	Porthmadog however, were the first to come close to scoring, John
Aspinall's strong shot from twenty yards was brilliantly saved by Neil
Frederickson in the Haverfordwest goal. But, Haverfordwest were 
the team that had most of the play throughout the firs-half. They should
 have taken the lead after five minutes when Richard Gay's shot deflected
 off the back of defender Jason Joyce's back to give the home team
 an escape. Again,Haverfordwest came close after 11 minutes, when it
 was only a brilliant save by Kenny Dixon that kept things at level 
terms after  Paul Burrows run and a good shot by Jamie Rickard.
	But, Porthmadog weren't completely out of the match. After
 13 minutes Mike Davies' shot was just off target, and 4 minutes later 
there was nobody in the box to meet Tony Draper's cross. One minute later
 it was again only a deflection off Jason Joyce from Richard Evans' 
shot that kept Porthmadog level.
	On 21 minutes Porthmadog's Kenny Dixon showed his worth, bravely going
into a challenge before picking the ball from the feet of Paul Burrows.
There was good defencive work from Porthmadog's Mike Foster two minutes
later to force Burrows to give away a goal kick. A minute earlier, Steven
pugh had came close to scoring for the home side after a good run. On 26
minutes, John Aspinall's free kick went just over the bar.
	The next 10 minutes saw total domination from Haverfordwest. Richard Gay
must have been disappointed with his sliced shot on the half hour after
Jason Jones' cross. Jamie Rickard's long range shot went just inches past
the post one minute later. But, the goal itself, that came on 38 minutes
was a fluke that was deflected off Paul Burrows' knee after a cross by a
Haverfordwest player. Porthmadog did come back with a string of chances in
the last five minutes of the half. Paul Howard's effort went just over the
bar, and the same happened to Andy Taylor's header two minutes later. On
the stroke of half-time Chris Banks' long range attempt was deflected off a
Haverfordwest defender. So, at half time Haverfordwest had a deserved lead,
they might count themselves unlucky that the lead wasn't more than one
	Porthmadog started with much more of a purpose in the second half. This
lead to a very competitive start to the second half. However, the first
quarter of an hour saw little in way of goal-mouth action. Mike Davies came
close to scoring with his head in the 12 minute to kick-start the attempts
on goal in the second half. One minute later there was a good save by Kenny
Dixon to deny Jamie Rickard after his good run from his own half.
	On the quarter hour there was a good pass by Chris Banks that split the
Haverfordwest defence, but it was a bit too far for Steven Pugh to take
advantage. This was followed by a good piece of defending by Jason Joyce,
who dispossessed Jamie Rickard on the side of the box.
	There followed a period of immense pressure on the Haverfordwest goal,
that was kick-started by Neil Roberts, who was brought on 20 minutes into
the second half. Two minutes later Nigel Barry came very close to score for
the home team with a shot from the side of the box that was tipped just
over the bar by Neil Frederickson. On 23 minutes, Porthmadog were awarded
for their pressure, Mike Davies headed onwards, for Steven Pugh headed home
from close range. Steven Pugh came close again, less than a minute later,
but Frederickson was there between the post to keep things level. Mike
Foster was the next to take part in this good spell for Porthmadog, when
his shot went just past the post after 25 minutes.
	It was against the run of play that Haverfordwest re-gained their lead on
the half hour. Poor defending gave Richard Gay plenty of space in the box
to head home after a corner. Two minutes later, Mark Otten was given a
yellow card for a deliberate hand-ball, Mike Davies came close to
equalizing with his head from the resulting Free Kick. There was another
good effort by Paul Howard on 37 minutes, but the save by Neil Frederickson
was again superb. Mike Davies was again unlucky with his head, four minutes
later, when his shot went just inches past the post.
	There was a cruel blow for Porthmadog two minutes from time when
Haverfordwest scored their third. Richard Gay capitalized on a good
backward pass by Jamie Rickard that fooled the Porthmadog defence. There
was however, a consolation for Porthmadog three minutes into time added on
when Mike Davies finally found luck on his side to head home.
(Haverfordwest's Press Secretary said that it was an own-goal by Jason
	It could be said that Haverfordwest deserved the win after controlling the
first half. But Porthmadog will count themselves unlucky to lose after some
very good spells in the second half. This was, however a clear indication
that Porthmadog are still definitely far from being out of the woods yet.


PORTHMADOG..........3 CAERSWS..........2

	Veteran goalie Gareth Hughes was back between the posts for Porthmadog
today to fill in for Kenny Dixon who had work commitments. Hughes hadn't
played for Porthmadog for well over a year, since he was injured in the
opening match of last season against Caernarfon, but today he was ample
cover for Porthmadog. This match also saw the return of Tony Draper, who
had left the club for Bangor. During his brief spell at the Farrar Road
club he played exactly no matches!
	Porthmadog, who have improved immensely over the past weeks were hoping
for at least a point against perennial mid-table outfit Caersws. It was an
untidy start to the match, and things didn't really change throughout the
90 minutes. Porthmadog were the team who exerted the early pressure. Their
first chance came to returnee Tony Draper, but his cross was too far for
postman Mike Davies, who failed to slot this particular piece of postage
past Mathew Griffiths.(Sorry for the Daily Post Journalism!) Minutes later,
Mike Davies should have scored after another cross from Tony Draper, but
his week shot was no problem for Griffiths in the Caersws goal.
	Just before ten minutes, Porthmadog's superiority nearly paid off, but
Steven Pugh was hesitant, teeing the ball up for Chris Banks after a
grievous handling error by Mathew Griffiths, Pugh rued this decision, as
Banksie's shot went well over the bar. On the quarter hour we witnessed
some silky skills from Mike Davies who totally out-smarted two of the
Caersws defenders before wasting the good work.
	But it wasn't all Porthmadog, Caersws were in there with a couple of
chances. On 22 minutes there was an escape Porthmadog, when Andrew Thomas
broke free down the left. His cross was met by Damon Russell who's header
went disappointingly wide. There was another disappointing finish for
Caersws on the half-hour when Craig Edwards' shot went horribly wide. Six
minutes later, the escape was on the other side of the pitch, when Chris
Banks and Paul Howard missed absolute sitters after a cross from Steven
Pugh who had capitalized on good work from Mike Davies.
	Caersws' only other notable chance of the first half came on 40 minutes
when  Gary Jones' shot went at least a foot over Hughes' crossbar. So,
Porthmadog had a commanding role in the first half, but their chances
failed to material into the all important goals. There was therefore a
chance for Caersws to come more into the game in the second half.
	Caersws started well, getting the majority of the possession in the
opening minutes of the half. A save was pulled out of Gareth Hughes after
only two minutes of the second half, after Gary Jones found himself clear
in the box. They had another good chance 3 minutes later, when Damon
Russell shot after a good run, to yet again trouble Porthmadog's stand in
goalie, Hughes. But, Caersws were pushed out of the driving seat shortly
	On 7 minutes, Porthmadog had a goal disallowed when Mike Davies was judged
to be off side after he had shot home after a good free-kick from Tony
Draper. One minute later, Porthmadog again should have taken the lead when
Tony Draper's cross was wasted by Paul Howard who stumbled over the ball.
There was another scare for Porthmadog around the ten minutes mark in the
second half, when Gary Jones headed just behind the bar after a Caersws
corner which came after a goal-mouth scramble.
	But, it wasn't long before the inevitable goal came for Porthmadog. The
move leading to the goal started when Nigel Barry made a pass that split
the Caersws defense, setting Paul Howard free to make a run down the left
before crossing for Mike Davies to coolly tap home. This was a great spell
for Porthmadog, and there was further reward four minutes later. Steven
Pugh made a run through the mid-field before chipping Mathew Griffiths, who
had ventured to the side of his box, for Porthmadog's second.
	Caersws were unlucky not to halve the deficit just before 20 minutes,
Porthmadog's defense made heavy weather of clearing the ball, and one of
the Caersws players should have planted it. But it was Porthmadog who
created the most chances, Steven Pugh's cross should have been converted on
21 minutes, but there was no one there to do the business. A couple of
minutes later, Mike Davies' shot went inches wide after good work yet again
from Tony Draper. 
	Porthmadog went further ahead on 26 minutes. Mike Foster's corner was met
by the head of Mike Davies, but the ball was deflected off Andrew Thomas,
which made it an own-goal. One minute later, it could have been four when
John Aspinall's screamer of a free kick went inches over the bar.
	But, as I said, Caersws were never out of the match. There was proof of
this ten minutes from time when Andrew Whitticase scored after a goal-mouth
scramble. The news was even worse for Porthmadog when they realised that
stand-in goalie, Gareth Hughes had pulled a mussel during the action in
front of the goal. Porthmadog defender, Andy Taylor had to take his place
in front of goal. Porthmadog came close again on 37 minutes after a run by
substitute Neil Roberts, his cross was met by Nigel Barry, but Barry was
injured in a collision with Mathew Griffiths, but the incident was not as
bad as it first seemed.
	Caersws had another consolation goal two minutes into injury time. Andy
Whitticase was first stopped by defender Jason Joyce with a brilliant
tackle. But from the resulting corner Damon Russell hit home from the side
of the box. But, it was too late for Caersws who didn't give up until the
final whistle. Porthmadog were the deserved winners in the end despite the
fact that it was only an one goal that separated both teams. After this
win, Porthmadog seem to be continuing their climb to mid-table safety and
are now in 14 possession, but they are not out of the woods yet.


G. Hughes (N. Roberts), T. Draper, M. Foster, J. Joyce, A. Taylor, J.
Aspinall, P. Howard, C. Banks, N. Barry, S. Pugh, M. Davies
Subs not used: O. Hall, P. Whelan.


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