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Port Talbot chairman Andrew Edwards explains his reasons for resigning his seat at the FAW

Dear Friends,
I would like to take this opportunity to write to all member clubs of the FA of Wales to explain why I have taken the decision to resign as a Council Member and the club representative of the Welsh Premier League.

I have not taken this decision lightly having only done so as a last resort. I have been involved in football for the best part of my life and have served as Andrew Edwardsa Council member for the last three years and at all times I have acted with honesty and integrity in promoting the game in Wales.

I am extremely committed to the cause and lend my full support to the President and the Chief Executive to modernise the game under the current legislations for which there is a governance review which is currently being undertaken for which they are battling to bring football within Wales up to the level of the modern day game therefore progressing football at all levels within Wales. In my three years on council I have witnessed some great progress which I am pleased and honoured to have played a part in helping to deliver and support Welsh football. There are however many more key areas where change is required that is crucial to football within Wales both on and off the field if we are to be successful as a football nation.

Paramount to achieving success is changes that are needed within the FAW Council. There are many members within the Council who operate as I did with honesty and with the passion with a view to promoting football within Wales, but there are still too many members within Council who do not operate or behave in the manner in which you would be happy for them to represent your Club or football in Wales. In point of fact I raise the following:

1. I feel within the Council the Southern Leagues who collude and vote on block to railroad decisions within Council to serve their own agendas and not always with the best interests of football within Wales therefore I feel a clique exists within this group.

2. Individual members dominate conversation and are unwilling to listen to counter proposals often bullying weaker members of Council to be swayed to vote their way.

3. Deals are struck amongst members in advance of meetings often to ensure personal or political agendas are met. The politics do not serve Welsh football but individual member/members on Council.

4. Members are more interested in their next international trip/perks as opposed to Welsh football itself. I believe the number of Council members who attend international trips are far too high as they are taking money out of the game in Wales, yet quite unbelievably at the last Council meeting members voted to relegate both Barry Town and Llanelli to local parks football yet increased international travelling expenses allowance by some 60%!

5. In general member skills on Council are limited as Directors of the Company which now has an annual turnover in excess of 10 million pounds in some cases the skills of individual members’ border on non-existent with members finding it difficult to understand key decisions which the Company need to make, in order to progress. There are even occasions I have witnessed members falling asleep at meetings.

In my opinion unfortunately the current format of the FAW Council is not fit for purpose and something radical needs to be done to force change and progress the game in Wales and feel that some of the current members are unwilling and reluctant for change.

Having spent three years as a member, my feelings are that of frustration by the whole decision making process that I only thought it right to inform you of my reasons for my decision to resign as a Council member.

I really hope once you have had time to read and take on board my thoughts, you as Clubs will come together as one to make these changes happen and move Welsh football forward to where it belongs.

With kind regards,
Andrew Edwards



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