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BRYMBO BROUGHTON..........2 PORTHMADOG...........1

There were a couple of changes to the Port team that faced the challenge of
Brymbo Broughton. The absence of Phill Owen after that triple red card given
by the infamous Keith Owen, meant that manager Colin Hawkins had to turn to
Kenny Dixon who left the club at the end of the last campaign. He had
brought with him brother Phill and friend Lee Webber who were hoping to
impress the Hawk. Absent today were Oliver Hall who was suffering the
effects of a cold, and Campbell Harrison who was suspended after picking up
to many yellow cards.
    But hopes of stopping the rot, that has set in after four defeats in a
row, were made more unlikely after Brymbo started off in the best possible
way. The defence failed to clear the ball, and newcomer Lee Webber
miss-kicked the ball which gave Chris Goodwin the goal on a plate. He hit
the ball into the bottom left corner of the net, leaving Kenny Dixon with no
    All the pressure before and after this incident was in the other side of
the pitch. But they failed to turn this into shots on goal. Peter Thomas was
beaten to the ball by K. Andrews in the Brymbo Broughton goal. Chris Barlow
was adjudged to be off side when he was clear on goal, and a shot by Peter
Thomas on goal was easily saved. One of their best opportunities to equalise
came just after the half our by Adam Hyde who was given his second full
match to show his worth. Chris Barlow crossed the ball in to Chris Banks who
hit the ball back to Hyde, whose shot was only inches wide. Chris Banks
himself then came close to scoring after Barlow was once again the creator,
his header was stopped by a finger-tip save from Andrews.
    The pressure on the Brymbo defence was maintained continuously
throughout the first half, and they must have been glad to hear the whistle
at half time with their one goal lead still intact. Port however, despite
their superior possession were far from impressive, but better finishing
would have totally changed the story.
    Port's overall play was in the second half was far better, with far more
passing movements being opportunities being created. After ten minutes of
the second half there was a further chance for Peter Thomas after a good
pass by Chris Barlow. The ball went straight to the Brymbo keeper who failed
to control it. The ball went into the path of Barlow who was tackled before
he could reach the ball. A Banks header was stopped by another good save.
But Andrews, in the Brymbo goal, was then injured during a goal-mouth
scramble. A challenge that left him with only one leg to stand on. Surely
Port could take advantage of this. Could they?
    Shortly afterwards on 70 minutes the deficit was increased as, totally
against the run of play Chris Goodwin had scored his second. He beat the
off-side trap, leaving him with only Kenny Dixon to beat. With no defenders
to tackle him, Dixon with left with no option but to come off his line and
attempt to tackle him. But his gamble didn't pay off, and Goddwin was left
to tap home into the empty net.
    Port were now staring five defeats in a row right in the face. They knew
they had to put even grater pressure on the home team to escape yet another
embarrassing defeat. Matias Pehrsson, playing his last game for the club
before leaving tomorrow, was not far with a long range effort. This was
followed by two more opportunities with both Nigel Barry and Neil Roberts
again not far. The consolation finally came for Port in the very last minute
of normal time. The move stemmed from a Neil Roberts cross that Peter Thomas
initially failed to control. After gaining control and managing to beat off
the challenge of a Brymbo defender, he crossed the ball to Matias Pehrsson.
His shot was stooped by Andrews but he only managed to put the ball right
into the path of Nigel Barry, who taped the ball in. There were protests of
off-side, but it didn't matter any way,- Port had lost their fifth game on
the trot.
    It will now be good to see the end of this season. If Port can fail to
beat a team that was down to ten men and with a goalie that had only one leg
it is hard to see them doing so. The problem is as ever their failure to put
their chances to keep, and it is at the moment hard to see where the goals
will come from. But, as Port fell to their fifth defeat in a row, the title
was clinched by Cefn Druids as they beat Buckley.

K. Dixon, R. Hughes, S. Williams, N. Roberts, L. Webber (C. Jarvis), A.
Hyde, N. Barry, C. Banks,  C. Barlow (Matts Pehrsson), P.Dixon, P. Thomas
(Matias Pehrsson)


PORTHMADOG.........1 DENBIGH TOWN..........2

After three defeats on the trot, it looks like Port will be pushed out of
the top two, after occupying first or second spot for nearly the whole
campaign. Colin Hawkins, who has been quoted twice in the Daily Post as
saying that the sooner the season finishes the better, claiming that his
comments have been taken out of context by the paper. Port were without
Nigel Barry and Darren Thomas who were both suspended, but Adam Hyde would
be given his first full match since signing for the club.
    The game went off to a slow start, with neither side managing to stamp
their authority on the match. But it was Port who came out on top to control
the first half from the 15 minutes mark onwards. Peter Thomas came close
with a header, that went just wide of the post. This was followed by a
Stewart Williams free kick, after Chris Barlow was pulled down on the side
of the box, that went just over the bar. Matts Pehrsson was also unlucky a
few minutes later,  when his powerful shot came off the bar.
    There was a scare, however on the other side of the pitch when Phill
Owen surged off his line, but failed to keep his grasp on the ball. The ball
went astray to Denbigh's number 7, but there were plenty defenders back to
block his shot. There followed a similar scare in the opposite penalty area
when Darren Edwards was beaten by Peter Thomas who then crossed the ball to
Chris Barlow who miss-kicked his shot on goal. The Pehrsson brothers then
combined well on 45 minutes, with Matias chipping the ball over his
opponents to Matts whose shot was disappointing. Matts had one more chance
before the interval. He wasn't far this time, the ball going inches wide
following a pass by Chris Barlow.
    Port had controlled the first half, but once again they had failed to
take advantage of their chances and superior possession.The second half was
played in much the same vein as the first had ended. Adam Hyde, who was
making his first full debut, was now starting to settle more into the team,
and was very influential in the second half. He made an impressive run
through the centre, before unleashing a penetrating pass to Matts. His shot
was punished away by Darren Edwards, but only as far as Chris Barlow. His
shot, however went straight into the hands of Edwards.
    Then, right against the run of play, Denbigh had taken the lead. A Free
kick was awarded to the visitors, which was headed home by Derry Morris
following Campbell Harrison's  failure to mark effectively. Port were
unlucky not to equalise straight from the re-start when Matias' shot was
stopped by a good save. Following a period of further pressure by Port, the
breakthrough finally came on 25 minutes. Oliver hall's cross was headed away
for a corner, which was followed by a brake into the box by Richard Hughes.
The defending was poor as Hughes netted.
    But it didn't take long before Port were trailing again. The goal was
once again very much against the run of play. There was a shambles in the
Port box, and amid all the confusion one of the Denbigh players headed
passed Olly Hall who was on the line. Port should have equalised once again
in the final minute of the match when another good run by Adam Hyde set
Matias Pehrsson free on the side of the box, but his shot was well over the
    Port's season has fallen to pieces in recent weeks. And Adam Hyde apart,
there is little sign of new young talent. Christian Jarvis, an under-18
international, was only given 10 minutes to show his talent, and 20 year old
Oliver Hall was on the bench for the first half. One would have expected
Porthmadog's youngsters be given more of a chance, as they now have nothing
to loose, but everything to gain in preparation for next season.

P. Owen, S. Williams, P.Osahan (N. Roberts), R. Hughes, C. Harrison, C.
Banks, C. Barlow (C. Jarvis), Matias Pehrsson, A. Hyde, P. Thomas (O.Hall),
Matts Pehrsson.


    There was no doubt who was today's 'man of the match' - Keith Owen. No,
he's not Port's new signing, but the match referee! With a staggering nine
yellow cards, and three reds he totally dominated the proceedings.
    The game started with 3 yellow cards being shown in the first ten
minutes, despite the fact that we were yet to see a reckless challenge. The
first ten minutes saw two very equally matched teams battling out in pretty
windy conditions. Port's first chance came on 15 minutes when Matts Pehrsson
surged into the Holyhead box, but was prevented from shooting by an
excellent tackle from Richard Jones. The Hotspurs very nearly scored the
opener on 20 minutes when Steve Owen's long range effort took an awkward
bounce to fool Phill Owen in the goal, but he did manage to get his fingers
to the ball and preventing it from crossing the line. This was followed by a
poor atempt by Matias Pehrsson, whose weak shot went a couple of feet wide.
    Most of the play in the latter minutes of the half was infront of the
Porthmadog goal, and it wasn't too much of a surprise when they took the
lead on 35 minutes. Steve Owen scored into the empty net after a cross by
Holyhead's number 10 who had overcome the challenge of Phill Owen in the
Port goal, as the defence just stood and looked on. Hotspurs' possession
superiority continued for the remainder of the first half, but there wasn't
much to show for it. But in the very last minute of the half Port were down
to ten men after Phill Owen was adjudged to having handled the ball outside
the box by a referee that was atlas 30 yards away from the action. Phill
Owen, who was clearly unhappy with the decision was given a triple red card
by Keith Owen for showing his displeasure. This act of clear madness by the
ref means that Owen will be given atlas a six match ban. Colin Hawkins point
out that "this is the first triple sending off I've ever been involved in."
    In the second half it was Port that mounted the pressure on the Holyhead
goal and Chris Barlow (the shortest man on the pitch ?) who had to fill in
for Phill Owen, wasn't troubled at all throughout the half. This isn't to
say that the Holyhead was bombarded for 45 minutes. In fact the only real
chance before the last quarter of an hour came to Stuart williams who wasn't
far with a shot from atlas forty yards.
    Port were really unlucky not to have some reward for their pressure on
the Hotspurs' goal in the last fifteen minutes. Matias had a chance to
shoot, but his first touch let him down. A brilliant atempt from the head of
Chris Banks was only stopped by a Martin Bohana fingertip save. another
header by Chris Banks went only inches wide from the cross of Olly Hall.
Peter Thomas should have scored from his header in the very last minute
after an inch perfect cross by Christian Jarvis who made an impact in the
five minutes that he was given.
    On the balance of play it could be said that Port were unlucky to leave
Holyhead with no points after the hosts had failed to take any kind of
advantage of the fact that Port didn't have a goalie for half the match.
Indeed, Port's best spell of the match happened when they were down to ten

P. Owen, P. Osahan (O. Hall), R. Hughes, S. Williams, C. Harrison, C. Banks,
Matias Pehrsson (C. Jarvis), N. Barry, C. Barlow, P. Thomas, Matts Pehrsson.


RHYDYMWYN..........6 PORTHMADOG..........1

Port's season is already over, not only because it seems an all but
impossible task for them to overtake Cefn Druids at the top of the league,
but also because of the fact that their ground doesn't meet the regulations
set by the FA for promotion in the league of Wales. This decision was
announced last week end, and was followed by a home defeat by Llandudno. But
not even this was preparation for what was in store this afternoon, at a
pitch that was hardly fit to be played on. Port were also affected by
absentees in the defence, with Jason Joyce still missing through suspension,
Neil Jatt injured and Richard Hughes out because of work commitments. This
meant that striker Peter Thomas had to act as makeshift central defender.
    Port started well and had a couple of chances to score in the first five
minutes, with shots by Matts Pehrsson going wide. Rhydymwyn's first goal on
5 minutes was against the run of play, with Phill Owen coming off his line
to try and tackle Paul Whittacker. Whittacker managed to overcome the
challenge an score into the open goal. This was an uncharacteristic mistake
by Phill Owen who has been blameless all season, but he obviously thought
that the defence were not clearing the ball quick enough. From this point
onwards it seemed that the Port team could do no right. This is not to say
that Rhydymwyn were good, but they managed to cope with the pitch that was
breaking up from the first whistle.
    The second goal then followed at 18 minutes, and was yet again the
result of some dodgy defending. There was a scramble in front of goal, with
the Port defence failing to clear the ball that moved around like a
pin-ball, which gave Richard Hughes the chance to tap the ball in to the net
for another scrappy goal. The defending was even worse for the third goal
which was scored by Darren Horne on 26 minutes, the defence standing still
as he netted. Things were now starting to look embarrassing, with Rhydymwyn
managing to score goals with their every attack. It nearly became four on
half an hour, when Phill Owen pulled a brilliant save from a free kick by
Jason Jones that followed a foul by Darren Thomas. But four minutes later it
was four with Jones this time managing to score directly from another
free-kick that was taken around 30 yards out near the right touch-line.
    As if being four goals down was not enough, things were made even worse
by the dismissal of Darren Thomas for a second bookable offence. Both fouls
were somewhat reckless, but it must be said that the slippery surface had a
part to play in the severity of the challenges. The Port performance in the
first half, backed Hawkins' comments in the 'Daily Post' last week when he
said that Port were merely fulfilling their commitments to the Cymru
Alliance league.
    But, at the start of the second half, it seemed that Port were going to
mount some kind of a fight-back. Chris Banks scored in the very first
minute, a goal which I missed as I was still in the club house watching
Wales' win against France. But I was assured that this was the best goal of
the game - as if that was some kind of conciliation. Banks surged into the
Rhydymwyn box, before unleashing a powerful shot that came off the post,
leaving the goalie with no chance. This resurgence by Port was however
short-lived as, one minute later Rhydymwyn had restored their lead. The
defending was once again poor, as they failed to cover Richard Hughes who
had only a tap-in to negotiate for his second goal, of what was now becoming
    A poor decision by the ref lead indirectly to the sixth goal by
Rhydymwyn. A clear dive by Rhydymwyn's number six on 35 minutes managed to
fool the ref who gave a yellow card to Campbell Harrison. The following free
kick reached Mike Scott, who scored with a shot from the side of the box,
but questions must again be asked about the defence. Port thought they had
reduced the deficit to 4 one minute later when Chris Banks headed home what
he thought was his second, but it was disallowed as Banks was adjudged to be
off-side. Port did have some other chances to reduce Rhydymwyn's lead
throughout the second half with Neil Roberts twice coming very close with
attempts from outside the box. Matts also came close to scoring on more than
one occasion, but to no avail.
    So, all in all, a rubbish performance from Port. True, the pitch was
awful, and there were players unavailable. Chris Banks and Nigel Barry
managed to put in creditable performances as all around fell apart. But
there can be no excuses for a six-one thrashing. It is not only Port's
ground that is not up to scratch on the evidence of the past two weeks, as
the performances either are not worthy of a League of Wales place.

P. Owen, C. Harrison, P. Thomas, P. Osahan (S. Williams), D. Thomas (sent
off), N. Barry, C. Banks, Matias Pehrsson, O. Hall (N. Roberts), C. Barlow
(A. Hyde), Matts Pehrsson.


PORTHMADOG..........1 LLANDUDNO..........2

It was anounced in this morning's edition of the 'Daily Post' that Port
would not be promoted at the end of the season, and that Port were playing
now only to fulfill their fixtures. This was not the best message to be
passed through to the players and fans as Port went in to what could prove a
difficult encounter against a much improved Llandudno. Port were not helped
along by the strong wind they had to contend with.
    Port, however could have taken the lead in the very first minute of the
match when a through pass by Nigel Barry set Matts Pehrsson through on goal
but he did not capitalize on the chance. Port managed to sustain the
pressure on the Llandudno goal and came close on many occasion's early on.
Oliver Hall came close, but was stopped by a good save by Robert Jones who
had come on as a replacement in goal for Eurwyn Vaughn. Matts also saw
another of his shot's clear the cross-bar.
    Llandudno's first chance came from a free-kick after Grant Montgomery
was pulled down just outside the box by Paul Osahan. However Joe Carey's
shot was weak, and didn't pose too much of a problem for Phill Owen in the
Port goal. A cross by Paul Evans was also stopped by Phill Owen, who managed
to reach the ball before any of the strikers.
    The whole half was controled by Port, who failed to capitalize on many
of the chances. Chris Barlow was denied by Robert Jones after a cross by
Matts Pehrsson. But, the brakethrough finally came on the half-hour with a
goal by Oliver Hall. Chris Barlow made a good run down the left before
crossing into the box for Hall who hit home into the bottom corner of the
net. Matts Pehrsson had another chance just before the interval after a
surging run into the box, but his shot again went over the cross bar.
    So, Port were just ahead on half time, after a first period in which
they failed to take the chances they created. They could well have been
three or four goals ahead, but the chances were not taken, and Llandudno
were right in the match. The second half, as has so often been the case for
Port this season, was a totaly different affair.
    It only took 4 minutes for Llandudno to level things after some poor
defending by Port. Mike Smith made a run right through the center of the
pitch, leaving the defence standing, forcing Phill Owen to come off his
line. He managed to get his hand to the ball, but Smith's shot was too
strong, and managed to cross the line for a goal. All the play was in the
Port half of the pitch during the first quarter of the second half. There
then followed one of Port's only chances of the half when Oliver Hall's
header went just wide after Matts Pehrsson's cross from the right.
    Llandudno's second goal was very poor after an uncarectaristic mistake
by Phill Owen. Who dropped the ball after making a good save. The son of
Mickey Thomas - Arran - was there to pounce, and punish Port for not giving
him more of a chance during his spell with the club at the start of the
season. However, it would be wrong to put all the blame for the goal on Owen
as he was not given enough support by his defenders. Three minutes later it
looked as if Llandudno would go further ahead but the goal which was scored
by Mike Smith was dissallowed as Arran Thomas who was clearely off-side was
ajudged to be interfearing with play.
    Port did have a couple of chances late on in the match, with Chris
Barlow's free-kick going just over, and Matts Pehrsson's header being quite
easily saved by  Robert Jones. But these efforts were too little to late
after a poor second half display. This was a game of two halves if ever
there was one, but Llandudno managed to capitalize more on their domination
of the second half than Port had done of their domination of the first.
Mabey it is just aswell that Port's ground is not good enough for promotion
next season, as they are unlikely to finish in top spot any way.

P. Owen, C. Harrison, D. Thomas (S. Williams), R. Hughes, P. Osahan (A.
Hyde), C. Banks, Mattias Pehrsson, N. Barry, O. Hall, Matts Pehrsson, C.
Barlow (N. Roberts).


PORTHMADOG..........2 BUCKLEY TOWN...........1

    Recent performances by Port have been much improved, especially last
week's performance when they beat league leaders Cefn Druids in the league
cup. Today's game against Buckley looked as a less daunting task with the
visitor's languishing in the wrong half of the table. Despite the fact that
Port will not be promoted into the League of Wales next season because their
facilities are not up to scratch, their goal is still very much to win the
league. Winning every match is therefore all-important.
    Port couldn't have got off to a better start, taking the lead after only
15 seconds. A good cross from the left by Olly Hall was met by Matias
Pehrsson who hit home after making a surging run into the box. It looked at
the time that Buckley were in for a hiding and this looked even more likely
with Port putting immense pressure on the Buckley goal with some neat and
accurate passing being strung together. Olly Hall was influential throughout
the match with his runs down the flanks, but the crossing wasn't quite up to
scratch. Port had enough chances to put the result well out of the reach of
Buckley but their play in the "last third of the pitch" was far from
impressive. Many chances were created by Nigel Barry who had a brilliant
game, one of the best came after 14 minutes when he set Mats Pehrsson free,
but his shot was off-target. Olly Hall also found himself clear, and was
desperately unlucky as his shot went only inches wide of the far post. The
ball was hardly in Buckley's half of the pitch during the first half hour of
the match, they did manage however to get a bit more of the play during the
last 15 minutes of the half. But despite this, Phill Owen was only troubled
once when he managed to stop a downwards header by Darren Peters. The half
time score of 1-0 was therefore hardly a fair reflection of the first half,
after the pressure Port had put on the Buckley defence.
    The second half started in very similar fashion with Port extending
their lead within the opening minute. Campbell Harrison hoofed the ball out
of defence clearing the Buckley defence to set Mats Pehrsson free, who
unleashed a powerful shot into the top corner after only 30 seconds of the
second half, proving that the long ball tactics preferred by Colin Hawkins
can pay off. The game continued to take a similar course to the first half
with Port keeping the possession but failing to turn this continuous
pressure into goals. Mats Pehrsson's effort was stopped by an acrobatic save
by Jeremy Porter, a save that the ref obviously didn't have the pleasure of
seeing, as he signalled for a goal kick despite the fact that the ball had
gone across the line.
    Port deserved a goal on 22 minutes after the best move of the match.
Nigel Barry headed down goalwards after a pass from the left by Olly Hall.
The ball reached Matts Pehrsson who was very unlucky not to score. His shot
came off the angle after it had Jeremy Porter well and truly beaten. The
Buckley goalie was again beaten after a shot by Chris Barlow, but he ball
went inches wide, following a exquisite chip by Nigel Barry who was
definitely my man of the match. Buckley did have some rare bursts into the
Port half, with Dave Johnson the man at the centre of the action. He came
close twice with long-range efforts. There were two further chances for Port
by Nigel Barry and Matts Pehrsson who was denied as the ball was cleared off
the line. The events surrounding Buckley's goal 7 minutes from time were
bizarre. A goal mouth scramble lead to what seemed to be a shot that came
off the post, but the referee decided, to the amazement of nearly all those
present, that the ball had crossed the line.
    This was a deserved win by Porthmadog with both Nigel Barry and Oliver
Hall playing out of their skins. However, the margin of victory should have
been far grater, and it will worry manager Colin Hawkins that Port, for all
their  pressure, had trouble creating clear-cut opportunities. The game
wasn't helped by the refereeing of Mr. H. Lloyd of Wrexham who seemed the
only one present who could put Buckley on the score-sheet!

P. Owen, C. Harrison, D. Thomas, R. Hughes, P. Osahan, C. Banks (N.
Roberts), Matias Pehrsson, N. Barry, O. Hall (A. Hyde), C. Barlow (S.
Williams) Matts Pehrsson.


This was a great opportunity for Port to take revenge on Cefn Druids for the
defeat they suffered at the hands of the Cymru Alliance leaders on the
Saturday before Christmas. While a win would not make it seem much more
likely that Port would win the league, it would definitely be a dent to
Cefn's confidence. Confidence that had already been affected by their defeat
in the league last Saturday against Rhuthin. Paul Osahan had to make his
first start this season as Port had to do without assistant manager Geraint
Jones and striker Perer Thomas who had decided to go up to Scotland to watch
the rugby much to the annoyance of Colin Hawkins.
    Both teams started strongly with some strong challenges going in. There
was little by way of chances during the first quarter of the match as both
teams battled hard. It was however, Porthmadog who had the best of the early
play thanks to good play by Chris Banks, Olly Hall and Darren Thomas who was
surely man of the match. It was a pass by Darren Thomas that gave Port their
first real chance, and Chris Barlow who came in to replace Peter Thomas had
a shot on goal which was stopped by the feet of Robyn Evans in the Cefn
goal. This was followed by a cross in from the left by Olly Hall, but the
shot of Matts Pehrsson was disappointing.
    Cefn also had their fair share of chances during the first half, Kevin
Breeze was instrumental in many of the Cefn attacks. On 19 minutes he found
himself clear, and it took a brave challenge by Phill Owen to prevent him
from going all the way. One minute later there was further danger in front
of the Port goal, when Rene Pinard's long range went only inches over the
    Chris Banks had a very good game for Port, and he was involved in two
chances late on in the first half as Port piled on the pressure. On 38
minutes it took a very good save by Robyn Evans to deny a good effort in
front of goal by Banks himself. And on the stroke of half time he was the
provider as his cross reached Matias Pehrsson, but the Swede could not keep
his shot down. It was a close first half, but it could be said that Port
were the best team and should have had some reward for their pressure on the
Cefn goal.
    The second half started in much the same vain with Port having the best
in a game between two teams of an equal standard. The breakthrough finally
came 8 minutes into the second half as Chris Barlow broke in to the Cefn
penalty area where he was adjudged to have been pulled down. A penalty was
then given, which was coolly taken by Cempbell Harrison to give Port a lead
that was deserved. 5 minutes later Port were further ahead after a good run
down the left by Olly Hall. His cross reached Matts Pehrsson who passed the
ball across the box to Chris Barlow who headed home.
    This was followed by a period of pressure by Cefn, as Port defended
desperately. Alan Goodwin had a good chance on goal, but his shot went well
wide of the near post. This pressure finally paid off on 31 minutes when
Andy Davies netted with a strike from the side of the box after slack
defending by the hosts. Further chances then followed for Port as Olly Hall
again came close, and then for Matts Pehrsson who should have done better.
But the best chase came to Neil Roberts when he forced Robyn Evans to make a
brilliant and spectacular save after his long range shot that would surely
have given Port the victory if it was not for the agility of the Cefn
    Port's newest signing Adam Hyde made his debut for Port in today's
match, and came close to scoring after a pass from Chris Barlow inside the
box during time added on for injuries. This was a deserved victory for Port
in the end and was surely a dent in Cefn's confidence as they have now lost
two of their last three matches. Port now go through into the seem-finals of
the league cup. This was one of the best performances of the season from
Port, and Peter Thomas and Geraint Jones who were both absent because of
their trip to Scotland will have to fight to re-gain their places in the

P. Owen, C. Harrison, D. Thomas, R. Hughes, P. Osahan (N. Jatt), C. Banks
(N. Roberts), N. Barry, Matias Pehrsson, Mats Pehrsson (A. Hyde), C. Barlow.


LEX XI.........0 PORTHMADOG.........2

It looks increasingly unlikely that port will gain promotion back into the
League of Wales, but Port mustn't give up quite yet. Both Cefn and
Glantraeth lost today which shows that they are not indestructible. So Port
must make sure that they pick up maximum points in every Match. They were
helped today by the return of Geraint Jones to full fitness, he went on to
have a very impressive match that proved that he has plenty left in the
    The game got off to a less than impressive start with both teams playing
poorly. But it was Port that looked the most determined and the likeliest to
score in the first half. There were some early chances for Port to take the
lead with both Matts Pehrsson and Nigel Barry failing to put enough weight
behind the ball. Jason Joyce was unlucky on 24 minutes as he saw his
powerful shot from the side of the box going just clear of the cross-bar. By
this time Port were starting to control the proceedings. And on 26 minutes
they took the lead. The move was started by Darren Thomas as he made a
through pass down the left to Matts Pehrsson who managed to fight off a
strong challenge before surging forward and placing the ball in the bottom
right corner of the net.
    Port had a number of further chances to extend their advantage in the
final 5 minutes of the half. Jason Joyce's shot came off the bar and Darren
Thomas went just over the bar. But it seemed that time was out for the first
half when, one minute into injury time, Peter Thomas' through pass reached
Matts Pehrsson. His shot was stopped by Gary Penlington in the LEX goal, but
the ball only went as far as Matias Pehrsson who hit the ball into the empty
goal. Port deserved their lead at half time, despite the fact that their
performance was far from brilliant. Indeed, enough chances were created for
Port to be much further ahead but it was the same story as usual.
    The standard of play by both teams in the second half was poor, with
neither side managing to create much quality movements. There was hardly a
chance on goal during the first fifteen minutes of the half. On 15 minutes
both of the Pehrsson brothers came close to score but failed to hit the
target. Jason Joyce's long range attempt a few minutes later was also
off-target. LEX managed to create a few scares in the Porthmadog defence,
but there was no one to meet the cross of Dave Jones on the hour and the
ball was retrieved by Phill Owen in the Port goal after the goal-mouth
scramble that followed. There was a chance for them to score a consolation
goal in the last minute of the match, when Richard Hughes had to hit the
ball for a corner. There was one last spurt by Port, with Matts Pehrsson
being beat to the ball by the goalie, and another Darren Thomas attempt
going just wide.
    This was not a totally convincing performance by Port especially in the
second half. But, they did enough in the first half to deserve taking the
three points and gaining on Cefn Druids who lost at Rhuthin. There was an
encouraging performance by Geraint "Siops" Jones who controlled the defence
and showed the usual spirit that helps to lift the rest of the team.

PORTHMADOG: P. Owen, C. Harrison, R. Hughes, G. Jones, D. Thomas, J. Joyce,
N. Barry, C. Banks, Matias Pehrsson, P. Thomas (C. Barlow), Matts Pehrsson.
Subs not used: N. Roberts, O. Hall.


FLINT TOWN UTD..........4 PORTHMADOG..........3

Port got off to a flying start and after only 4 mins they took the lead.
Nigel Barry collected on the left hand side and after breaking into the box
his angled ball was met by the onrushing Peter Thomas who tapped it into the
net.Both sides then threatened but play was mainly confined to the area
between the two penalty boxes.
After 31min Darren Thomas, making his first start for Port, turned neatly
and clipped th ball through to Matts Pehrsson but his shot was easily saved.
At the other end Buxton made an useful cross only for Rush to head wide when
well placed. After 35 mins the equaliser came when Buxton found himself free
on the right hand side of the area and his fine angled shot cannoned off the
post and into the net.
Another 2mins and Flint had taken the lead. A promising Port passing
movement broke down and the ball was knocked through to Craig Rush who took
his chance well, rounding the keeper before scoring. half-time came with the
score 2-1 in favour of Flint.
Port started the second half as they had started the first and after only 6
mins had levelled the scores. After a good build up, Joyce swept in a superb
cross which Matts Pehrsson collected well on his chest before scoring.End to
end play continued Earley hit the post for Flint while Barry failed with his
shot when clean through.
After 67mins Owen had to rush out of his area to save but unfortunately the
ball fell to the ever alert Buxton who lobbed the ball into the empty net
and restore Flint's lead.The goal scoring was not over for after 83 mins a
long cross from the left was met by Peter Thomas at the far post to bring
the teams level again.In less than a minute Flint were back in the lead when
Buxton completed his hat-trick with a fine shot.
The game ended with Joyce receiving a red card - a pity as he had played one
of his best games for Port. A game which could had gone either way ended in
a Flint victory by 4-3.
Port must now look to return to winning ways to bring their season back on

Port: Owen, Hughes,(Barlow) Harrison, Joyce, Jatt, Darren Thomas (Hall)
Banks, Barry, Mattheus Pehrsson, Mats Pehrsson, Peter Thomas.

Gareth Williams

PORTHMADOG..........2 RHUTHIN TOWN..........2

A game which Port should have won easily ended with them needing  a last
minute penalty to salvage a point. During the game Ruthin managed to create
only three goal opportunities and scored twice. Port on the other hand
created a hatful of chances and managed to squander them.The same problems
which have beset them all season were present again today.
The first opportunity came after 9 mins when following a neat passing move
out of defence Chris Banks crossed from the right but Peter Thomas headed
wide when well placed.Port continued to apply most of the pressure but it
took them until the 23min to open the scoring. A free kick by Chris Banks on
the left was met by Richard Hughes with his back to goal. He managed to half
turn and flick cleverly over the keeper and into the net.

The goal was a signal for  a period of sustained Port pressure and during
this period they should have put the game well out of Ruthin's reach. After
30mins an error by Pope in the Ruthin goal gave Peter Thomas a golden
opportunity from close range but the chance was wasted.A minute later the
same player ran clear only to shoot wide when well placed.
Half-time arrived with Port 1-0 ahead a poor return for their dominance.

After only 7 mins of the second-half Port were made to pay for their missed
chances. with their defence stretched Price, who appeared off-side, burst
clear on the right and cut in goalwards placing his well judged shot past
Owen in the Port goal.From this moment on Port's performance went
down-hill.Although they still created chances they did not look like winners
and their performance became increasingly desperate.Both Mats and Mattias
Pehrsson missed chances. One excellent through pass by Jason Joyce put Mats
Pehrsson clear but his shot was well saved by the keeper.

As their desperation increased Port were in danger of being caught on the
break and it needed a good save by Owen to deny Richie Roberts. After 85
mins Roberts burst clear again, rounded Harrison and saw his shot trickle
over the line to put Ruthin 2-1 up. When it appeared that Port, for all
their territorial advantage, were going to lose Mats Pehrsson was pulled
down in the penalty area. The referee adjudged a penalty and sub Geraint
Jones scored the injury-time goal which made the score 2-2. A result which
makes Cefn's already
strong position even more secure at the top of the table.

Port: Phil Owen, Neil Jatt, Cambell Harrison, Jason Joyce, Richard
ughes( Chris Barlow) Chris Banks( Darren Thomas) Nigel Barry,Mattias
Pehrsson, Mats Pehrsson, Peter Thomas (Geraint Jones) Oliver Hall.

Gareth Williams.

PORTHMADOG..........3 LEX XI...........1

Port didn't have the ideal preparation for this must win game (they are all
"must win" from now 'till the end of the season!). The departure of star
defender, Mike Foster, to Aberystwyth, and striker, Paul Roberts to Bangor
(apparently), meant that veterans Chris Barlow and Paul Osahan made rare
appearances on the bench.
	Port started as if they had no problems at all, and should have gone ahead
in the very first minute. Matias Pehrson's header shook the bar, but when
the ball rebounded back to him, he should have done better with his tame
shot. Matias was again in the thick of things, as Port dominated the
opening encounters. Unfortunately Olly Hall's cross was just too high for
him to head goalwards.
	With Lex's defence looking decidedly shaky, it seemed inevitable that the
Traeth team would soon find an opening. However, against the run of play,
it was Lex themselves who went ahead after 17 minutes - Steve Bird took
advantage of some appalling marking in the Port defence to turn well, and
slot the ball past Phil Owen on the near post.
	It only took Port 3 minutes to retaliate with an attack on the Lex goal.
Peter Thomas' header from an Olly Hall cross was much too close to Garry
Penlington in goal. Olly Hall, who was having a good first half, again
supplied the pass for Mats Pehrson to blast over the cross bar. However,
Hall's hard work finally paid a dividend on 26 minutes. His corner was meat
by the completely unmarked Chris Banks, and his volley nearly smashed
through the Lex net - one all!
	The rest of the half was a quiet affair. The only notable events were
Steve Bird's unsuccessful appeal for a penalty on 29 minutes, and Peter
Thomas' header that came off the post from a Chris Banks cross.
The second half started promisingly for Port - Matias Pehrson should have
done better in front of goal after an exquisite pass from Nigel Barry. It
was Barry himself who was guilty of wasting a chance on 10 minutes. Keeper
Garry Penlington, lost the ball in the box, and firstly Nigel Barry, then
Mats Pehrson couldn't capitalise on this golden opportunity.
	It was not all Port though, and their lack of domination against a Lex
side who had only picked up one point from the last 15, probably showed
that the present team aren't ready for a return to the League of Wales.
Thirteen minutes into the second half it took a brilliant tackle from Neil
Jatt to stop Jamie McNeil who was clean through on goal.
	A huge sigh of relief was breathed by the Traeth faithful on 70 minutes.
Mats Pehrson was clean through, with only Penlington in goal to beat. The
keeper did well to prevent Pehrson from scoring, but could do nothing to
stop Peter Thomas from slotting the ball home after passes from first
Pehrson and then Nigel Barry.
	Port seems unable to retain possession for the rest of the match. It was
only luck that limited Lex to only two chances on goal. Richard Hughes
deflected Steve Bird's shot onto the bar, and from the resulting corner
Neil Jatt had to head the ball off the line.
	The final result was put beyond doubt two minutes from the end. Peter
Thomas passed the ball from the right to Mats Pehrson, who unselfishly slid
the ball to his brother, Matias to score the final goal of the match.
	Peter Thomas, who replaced Paul Roberts did well, and probably gave Port
an aerial option not offered by Roberts. Nigel Barry also played well,
closing the Lex midfielders down well, and looked full of running
throughout the match. The fact that Cefn Druids also won (2-0 against
Flint) did Port's promotion hopes no help at all - all they can do now is
win their matches, and hope that Cefn slip up during the run in.



    Despite being in top spot going into this match, Port knew that losing
would be a devastating blow to their hopes of winning the league, as Cefn
continued on their seemingly unstoppable march towards the championship and
the ultimate goal of the League of Wales. This was a six-pointer if ever
there was one, a game where dreams could be shattered.
    It was Cefn who started the brightest, and rose to the challenge the
best in the early minutes. Indeed, they could have taken the lead after only
six minutes, when a mistake by Richard Hughes gave Rene Pinard the ball. He
passed to Mike Davies who's shot went just wide. This is not to say that
Port were completely pushed aside. Paul Roberts came extremely close with a
long range shot from around on quarter of an hour. There was also a good
spell for Port around the half hour mark which started with a mistake from
Cefn's goalie, that gave the ball to Mats Pehrsson at the side of the box.
But the angle was too tight for him to attempt on goal, so he crossed
goalwards, but there was no one there. This was followed by a corner, which
lead to a Jason Joyce that just cleared the bar.
    Cefn Druids had three further good chances on goal during the first
half. The first fell to Simon Richards who was given acres of space in the
box. His shot on 21 minutes went just wide after deflecting off the leg of
Mike Foster. There was also a good strike from 30 yards by Rene Pinard, that
went inches over the bar. But, the breakthrough from Flexys Cefn Druids
finally came on 36 minutes. The ball was headed downwards in the box by Mike
Davies and fell to the path of Kevin Breeze , who only had to tap the ball
across the line. The goal might not have been the best, but Cefn deserved
their 1-0 half time lead.
    The second half started in much the same fashion as the first, with
chances in the opening couple of minutes by Mark Rutter and Rene Pinard, who
was stopped by as Phil Owen bravely collected the ball from his feet after
he had ran nearly the length of the half.
    Just as in the first half, a mistake by Robyn Evans in the Cefn goal
lead to a better spell from Port. Richard Hughes came close with a shot that
was deflected off a defender, to go wide after Evans had dropped the ball.
There followed a good move where Nigel Barry flicked the ball over the Cefn
defence to Mattias Pehrsson, who passed to his brother Mats, only for his
shot to go wide. Another move was squandered by Paul Roberts, when he
couldn't decide whether to shoot or cross. In the end he did neither, with
his attempt going out for a throw in on the far side(!).
    But, it was again Cefn that had the most chances in the half. Kevin
Breeze came close to score his second. An Andrew Harper free kick went just
over the bar. It was therefore no surprise when Cefn went further ahead on
78 minutes, albeit from a defensive error by Neil Jatt, who headed the ball
right to the path of Mark Rutter when he was trying to prevent the ball from
going for a corner. This was a gift that Rutter couldn't refuse. Cefn went
further ahead through substitute Dave Taylor, who was European top scorer
for Port back in the 93/94 season. Taylor was left in acres of space right
in front of goal four minutes from time and, as the Port defence should have
remembered, Dave doesn't miss them from that kind of position.
    Port did have a couple of chances to reduce the deficit in the final
minutes. The best chance falling to Mats Pehrsson, following a flick-on by
Paul Roberts, but his shot was poor, and trickled across the line for a
goal kick. It was by then far too late, the game had already been lost. Port
now have a far steeper mountain to climb if they are to win the league, with
Cefn two points clear on the top with three games in hand.

P. Owen, C. Harrison, J. Joyce, M. Foster, R. Hughes (O. Hall), C. Banks, N.
Roberts (P. Thomas), N. Barry, Mattias Pehrsson (N. Jatt), P. Roberts, Mats


MOSTYN..........0 PORTHMADOG..........4

A chaotic start - the game started at 2 pm and as I was anticipating the
usual 2.30pm kick-off. I arrived a quarter of an hour late and found that
Port were already one-up.Why aren't changing kick off times better
advertised especially when supporters are travelling fair distances. The
goal came after 73 secs only. A long ball out of defence was latched on to
by Mat Pehrsson who held off a defender and squeezed the ball into the net
near the far post.

Most of the half was dominated by Port who set up a succession of promising
moves with Richard Hughes on the right very prominent. A fine cross by Paul
Roberts found Richard Hughes in front of goal but his header was straight at
the keeper.Then a long ball out of defence was collected by Richard Hughes
on the right, he beat his man and held off another on the right of the box.
His perfect cross found Mats Pehrsson unmarked in front of goal and he
netted easily.

The Mostyn goal survived many narrow escapes and scrambled clearances. The
first half ended with a spectacular Paul Roberts scissors kick which flew
just over the bar.

During half time a heavy rain downpour forced me to seek shelter in my car.
The second-half started after a 10 min break instead of the usual 15 mins
and you've guessed it by the time I  got back Port were 3-0 up thanks to a
Chris Banks goal. The second-half continued much as the first with keeper
Phil Owen hardly touching the ball. Cambell Harrison, Jason Joyce and Chris
Banks dealt with any sporadic Mostyn attacks. Nigel Barry was now dominant
in midfield ably supported by the busy Neil Roberts. One marvellous Barry
long ball should have brought a goal.The Pehrsson twins showed  some
excellent movement and running off the ball, which stretched the Mostyn
After 78 mins came the 4th Port goal, a long clearance cleverly headed on
by, sub, Peter Thomas  found Mats Perhsson with plenty of space to run on
and score. Port could have added to their score as captain Mike Foster
supplied a stream of well placed crosses one of which, in particular, should
have brought a goal but Matttheus Pehrsson screwed his shot over from three
yds. A good win for Port which extends their unbeaten run and keeps them on
top of the table. They are in good heart for the crunch match with promotion
favourites Cefn Druids.

Porthmadog: Phil Owen, Richard Hughes, Campbell Harrison, Jason Joyce( Neil
Jatt), Chris Banks, Mike Foster, Neil Roberts, Nigel Barry, Matttheus
Perthsen, Mats Perthsen( Oliver Hall) Paul Roberts (Peter Thomas)

Gareth Williams


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